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Towards the end of last year, I spent a wonderful afternoon as a London dance photographer and I loved it! I was given the opportunity to photograph Sasha, an incredible young dancer and I was excited to accept this new challenge. As you might know I spend most of my working days as a London family photographer. I also do lots of headshot photography sessions and photograph a select number of weddings. But to date I haven’t spent much time as a London dance photographer. After the fun I had on this ballet photography session this is something I’d like to change in the future!

Outdoor dance photography sessions

I met up with Sasha one rather chilly afternoon. We were keen to do the photoshoot outdoors in nature and there’s no way the cold was going to put us off! Although I have to admit I was the lucky one all wrapped up in my winter coat! Sasha was so brave wearing her beautiful leotards and tutus and somehow she managed to look calm, relaxed and warm in every photo!

London dance photographer working quickly!

For the location we picked a beautiful bridge in a park quite close to where I live. I’ve done lots of family photography sessions in this wonderful outdoor setting so I knew it would work well. For each image we took I had to work quickly, as there’s only so long a dancer can hold these incredible positions. I would first get the settings right in camera, pre-focus, then do a quick burst of shots as Sasha briefly held these amazing poses. This way we managed to capture the perfect ballerina pose every time.

After a few different outfit changes (with the help of her mum and a large blanket!) we were really happy with the variety of dance images we had taken. It was definitely time for this fantastic dancer to wrap up warm and head off for a warming hot chocolate.

Dance and ballet photography sessions all over London

I enjoyed this dance photography session so much and I really hope I can do more in the future. I was also over the moon to hear how happy Sasha and her mum were with the photos. If you’re interested in a London dance photography session please do get in touch. I photograph all over London, so we can find the perfect location to photograph the dancer in your family.

Ballet dancer in black tutu and green top on bridge Ballerina dancing on bridge Ballet dancer in black tutu and pink top on bridge Ballet dancer in black tutu on bridge Ballerina in black tutu and jumper

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