Happy Family Photo

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I love this happy family photo from one of my 2020 London family photography sessions. It’s such a joyful, natural portrait of this lovely family, capturing a fun moment together.

Planning a London family photography session

When I photograph families, I always try to check out the location before the shoot. This gives me a chance to work out a route that will work best for the time we have together. I like to include several different backgrounds in the family photographs, to provide good variety to the images. And I want to make sure that with each different backdrop the family will be in the best possible light. This obviously depends on the time of day, the time of year and the weather. So I take all this into account when I plan the photoshoot.

Creating a happy family photo

All this planning means that when I meet up with the family on the day of their session, I don’t have to think about where we’re going to go. Instead I can concentrate on how to get the best reactions from the family members, and making the session as enjoyable as possible. As you can imagine with very little children my carefully made plans don’t always work out! But that’s fine – I’m happy to go with the flow and this can actually create really wonderful spontaneous photos. But when the children are young adults, as in the image below, it means I can follow my original ideas. This then frees me up to encourage the family to just relax and enjoy spending some quality time together. And it helps me to create happy family photos!

I can’t wait to get back to photographing wonderful families again, hopefully in the Spring. If you’re interested in having a relaxed family photoshoot at a London location of your choice, more details of how I work can be found here London Family Photographer

happy family photo

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