Family Portraits with the pet dog!

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As the very proud owner of a dog, I know how important it is to include them in family portraits. I’d always thought of myself as a cat person before our dog moved in with us. I used to have two beautiful British shorthairs, who both lived to a fantastic old age. And although I still love cats, I now see what all the fuss is about with dogs!

My husband (definitely not a dog lover previously!) and I were persuaded to look into getting a dog by our two children. My kids can be incredibly persuasive, so in the end we agreed to just go and look at a litter, but didn’t promise anything. Haha – anyone else who has tried that knows how completely impossible it is! We literally walked away carrying our gorgeous 8-week old Cavachon named Coco. And we’ve never looked back! She is now 5 years old and utterly gorgeous. Totally a part of the family and I can’t imagine life without her.

Such a good dog for the family portraits!

So whenever a family ask if their pet dog can be included in the family portraits, when they book a London family photography session, of course my answer is yes! This was the case with the lovely family in the photos below. Their dog, also a Cavachon, was utterly adorable. He was so excited when I arrived for the family photoshoot in their home and garden. It was clear what an important part of the family he was, so I made sure he appeared in lots of the family portraits. Sometimes he sat calmly while I took photos of the family having fun together. Other times he decided it was cuddle time and leapt into someone’s arms! And he was so patient when he was hoisted into the air for more fun family portraits.

If you’re interested in booking a London family photography session with your beloved dog (or any other pet!) please do get in touch. Details of my family photoshoots can be found here London Family Photographer
two girls holding a white dog family of four with their dog climbing on the dad family of four sitting on the sofa with a dog on the floor two girls holding a dog man, lady, two girls and a dog in the garden two girls sitting on a bench with a dog

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