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I absolutely love my work as a family portrait photographer. I get to meet so many wonderful families and photograph them outdoors in beautiful locations. What’s not to like?

Back to doing London Family Photography Sessions!

I really enjoyed this London family photography session earlier this year. It took place when I was able to get back out and do photoshoots, after lockdown restrictions began to ease. It was amazing to be back working again and I felt so lucky to be able to return to the job I love.

I met up with this lovely family in their local park. It was a perfect choice as it’s a place they spend a lot of time together. It also happens to be absolutely beautiful! As it was a location I had not photographed in before, I checked it out earlier in the week. I wanted to find some spots that would work best in the photographs and I was spoilt for choice!

It’s not a huge park but had so many fantastic backgrounds that I knew would be perfect for the family portraits. So when I met up with the family, early one Saturday morning, I had a good idea of where we could take the photos. When I’m photographing young children I never quite know how the session will pan out, and find it best to just go with the flow. But I still like to have a plan anyway, even if we don’t follow it!

Family Portrait Photographer in Nature

As well as using the natural beauty of the park for lots of the family portraits, I had also found a blue door, with cracked paint and a stone step. As soon as I saw it I thought it would be perfect for some portraits of the two girls. We saved this spot for the end of the family photoshoot, hoping that the girls would still have some smiles left in them for these portraits. And they did! I was so happy with the resulting images and was delighted that the parents were too.

If you’d like to have your family photographed out in nature, please do get in touch. Details of my family portrait photography can be found here London Portrait Photographer

Two sisters in white dresses hugging in front of blue door. Two girls playing together next to their mum and dad. Little girl with red hair sitting on the grass. Mum, dad and two daughters sitting on the grass in a park. One lady and two girl in the park in front of trees. Little girl walking in front of tree surrounded by bubbles. Girl laughing while held by her mum. Girl blowing bubbles in the park. Little girl laughing at a man in the park. Little girl looking at her mum. Girl with red hair and white dress in front of purple flowers. Little girl sitting on the grass holding something up. Two girls peering through the gaps in a bench. Dad cuddling his little daughter. Little girl holding onto a bench laughing. Little girl peeping through a bench. Mum and little daughter about to hold hands. Little girl smiling in front of blue wall little girl holding a lady's hand little girl walking away down a path

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