Business Event Photography at Imperial College White City

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I really enjoy doing more and more business event photography these days. It’s so different from all the family and wedding photography I do. And they say a change is as good as a rest! At the end of the day it’s still all about photographing people. So, I approach it in a similar way to my other work. I document the action in front of me in a natural and creative way.

I was very excited to be asked to photograph a Biotechnology showcase and meetup at Imperial College’s Translation and Innovation Hub at White City. This amazing building is the home for both researchers and companies. They work side by side inventing new scientific and technological products.

Biotechnology is a technology based on biology and the conference I was asked to photograph was a get together for scientists and businesses. The afternoon started with a meet and greet over tea and cakes. There was also a tour of this impressive building for those who hadn’t already explored it.

Creative Business Event Photography

Then followed some speeches by the experts in one of the lecture rooms. I must admit I didn’t quite understand everything that was said but it was certainly fascinating! When I’m doing any kind of business event photography I try and capture the different emotions of the people involved. During the lectures I was keen to show the animation of the speakers in the images as well as the keen interest of those listening.

The day finished with a sociable drink and catch up with colleagues and friends. It was a great chance for everyone to discuss everything they’d heard that day.

If you need any type of business or events photography, please do get in touch. As well as photographing conferences and events such as this one I also offer headshot and personal branding sessions.

Amazing building with lots of steel and yellow walls. Lady leaning over lots of nametags Man and lady laughing and chatting. Two ladies talking in front of yellow wall. Poster contains words "Data Science and Big Data" Man smiling and drinking a cup of tea. Lady smiling with lights in the background. Lady talking to a group of people. Lady smiling in front of yellow wall. Scientists on poster with people in the background. Man giving a speech in large lecture room. Man looking thoughtful holding his mouth. Man looking thoughtful with finger over mouth. Lady smiling.
Pregnant lady smiling in audience. Lady looking interested with chin on her hand. Man giving a lecture to a large audience. Lady talking with red door behind her. Sign saying "generating genius" Two men having a chat. People having fun and a chat over a drink. Man chatting and laughing. Man laughing. Lady smiling in a group. View of an amazing modern building.

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