Athletics Family Photography Session

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It’s hard to imagine being in a heatwave now!

While it gets colder here I’d like to share an athletics family photography session I did during last year’s heatwave! It’s hard to imagine it being so hot now but wow it was a scorcher wasn’t it?

I was so happy when I was asked to photograph two brothers and their friend doing some athletics. I love photographing children doing activities rather than just sitting down smiling at the camera. It’s a perfect fit for my documentary style of photography. We decided to do the photo shoot later on in the day, when the sun had started to go behind the trees of the park. This was partly to do with staying as cool as possible (which wasn’t very cool!) and also because the light was starting to soften.

The three children were doing some training in their local park, so it was great to capture them all having fun. They kicked a ball around, did press-ups and ran along a rope ladder on the grass. It was exhausting just to watch them, but they didn’t seem to notice the heat at all. Probably because they were enjoying each sporting activity so much.

After an hour of running around the kids decided it was time for a sit-down and an ice cream. I was so happy with the range of sports photos we’d got I was happy to agree.

Photographing your children’s hobbies

If you’d like your family photographed doing an activity they love please do get in touch. Whatever it is they like – football, basketball, skipping or blowing bubbles I’d love to photograph them enjoying themselves. You’ll get a whole collection of images you can treasure forever and when your children are grown up they’ll be always reminded of their carefree childhood.

Boy smiling in the park. Boy sitting on grass smiling. Girl in orange top swinging her arms. Girl running across rope ladder with dog. Man playing with football. Boy smiling with trees behind him. Boy kicking a football in the park. Three children and a man doing press-ups on the grass. Three children running across a rope ladder on the grass. Boy playing with his hair pulling a funny face. Boy doing push-ups on the grass. Boy doing press-ups on the grass with man looking on. Boy running towards football. Boy doing a funny football kick.

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