Bishops Park Family Photographer – Fulham

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I absolutely loved this morning as a Bishops Park Family Photographer. I was taking photos of three lovely lively boys at a local park in Fulham, London and it was fun! We took advantage of the morning light and mist – one of my favourite times to shoot.

The three boys were excited and full of energy when we started the family photography session. We got some candid shots of them playing in the Autumn leaves in Bishops Park. We then got some great portraits of the three boys together amongst the beautiful leaves of the park and. After that it was time to try something a bit different!

A very colourful family portrait

When I’d arrived in Bishops Park before the photo session started I’d noticed some red, white and blue hoarding that was up around some building work that was taking place in the park. I thought it would work brilliantly as a backdrop for these three lively siblings and would match their outfits too. So the three brothers stood against the colourful wall and I clicked away while their mum and dad stood behind me and made their sons laugh. I’m not quite not what they did but it worked and produced some really good fun portraits of the three boys together which I’m sure the parents will treasure forever.


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