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As I spend most of my time photographing families it was lovely to become a London Schools Photographer again recently. I’ve visited Fulham Boys School several times now for various projects. These included capturing images for the school website and taking a wide range of photographs for their new prospectus.

The Fulham Boys School opened in September 2014 with its first Year 7 pupils. It is continuing to build each year until it reaches full capacity in 2020. This new Free School is going through exciting times as it will move to a wonderful new site near Fulham Broadway in 2017.

The school day started with assembly in the main hall. During this the music teacher led them through some wonderful singing. My next assignment was in various classrooms, where the boys were hard at work studying for their upcoming exams. The atmosphere in the school is always fantastic. It’s calm, welcoming and friendly. The boys are always very polite and thoughtful.

Delicious school dinners!

Then it was on to lunchtime, which was a real treat. The food is brought in fresh every day and prepared in their kitchen. The emphasis is on fresh, healthy tasty food and it certainly was all those things. The roast pork was delicious and I would have been tempted to ask for seconds if there hadn’t been more photographs to be taken!

It was then on to the playground where the boys were playing various sports, the table tennis being particularly popular. I also had the opportunity of visiting some of the different co-curricular activities that run every day during school hours. This is made possible by the extended day, which runs from 8.30am until 5pm every day except Friday.

I really enjoyed my day as a London Schools Photographer at The Fulham Boys School and was delighted with the range of natural images we created for the school to use in their new prospectus.



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