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Being a London musicians photographer presents you with a world of different opportunities. The range of different locations is almost endless. Having said that, we all have our favourite hangouts. The South Bank is one that I’ve used regularly over the years. As well as having a host of reliable and well known backgrounds, I always seem to find some unique shots that suit the person I’m photographing.

Musicians photos and graffiti…

And so it was when I met Vicky for a musicians photography session on London’s South Bank. We managed to find a few unique moments that seemed to blend well with her style. Vicky is a wonderful violinist and it was a joy to hear her play. There’s something fascinating about seeing a violin player outside her usual environment. Yet she still seemed to feel at home amongst the graffiti and concrete landscape.

I like to try and use a flexible approach as a musician photographer in London. Sometimes this is by highlighting the contrasting location and sometimes by finding a natural fit between the musician and their background. Shooting on location presents a different sort of challenge than studio photography where you have much more control over everything. The weather is also a factor so I like to to take advantage of the different lighting conditions that accompany the changing atmosphere. We often find there is opportunity for a dramatic sequence of shots if the outlook changes midway through the session.

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