London Musicians Photographer – Katherine – Southbank

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I met up with Katherine, a wonderful cellist, on a glorious sunny morning at London’s Southbank to take some publicity photos for her website. The Southbank is a brilliant spot for London musicians photography – as well as having some fantastic colourful backdrops, it feels so inspiring nestled right next to the Festival Hall, one of the world’s leading concert venues.

Often when I photograph musicians, I encourage them to play during the shoot as the images then become very real and more emotional. Katherine was up for this and launched into a Bach Cello Suite and I felt so lucky being able to listen to her wonderful playing.

We took quite a lot of the images in the famous Skateboard Park, situated right next to the River Thames, underneath the Royal Festival Hall. It’s the most fantastic location for any types of portrait photography – engagements, families and musicians. The light is beautiful and the walls are completely covered with the most colourful graffiti, which just looks fantastic as a backdrop. And the best thing about this place is that I every I time I revisit it, which is fairly often, some of the graffiti has changed, bringing a new element to every photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite images from our morning together.




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