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As a London Musicians Photographer I am lucky enough to spend lots of my time photographing at the Southbank. It’s one of my favourite parts of London for so many reasons. It has such a vibrant feel about it and there are so many famous landmarks along the way. It also has an abundance of interesting, colourful backdrops – what’s not to like?

When Diana got in touch about having some musicians publicity shots taken I suggested the Southbank as a location. She was immediately taken with the idea. Diana is a wonderful viola player and pianist and wanted to get a wide variety of images from our photo shoot. The photos would be used for some upcoming projects for her solo viola and piano work.

The Skateboard Park at the Southbank

We met at the Festival Hall, which seemed quite a fitting place to start for a musician. It also has the advantage of being nice and close to the famous skateboard park. I can never go to this area of London without visiting this place. It works so well for photos. The graffiti constantly changes and makes such a fun background for all the images. We then moved around the Southbank, finding different backgrounds and looks for the shots.

Diana also had a few outfit changes. This is always a good idea if the photos are going to be used for different projects. She was lovely to work with. And also easy going and fun, so I really tried to reflect this in the images. I was also lucky enough to hear her wonderful viola playing. Some images of the musician playing are an important part of the photo session and I love it. I have to be honest – I tend to let them play a little longer than needed as it’s just such a treat to listen!

After a couple of hours I was happy with the wide variety of images we had created so we called it a day. When the editing was finished and I sent the photos back to Diana I was delighted to hear that she was overjoyed with the images.

Fantastic Student Rates

If you’d like a relaxed musicians photography session in London please do get in touch on  I always work in a very relaxed and calm manner, to bring out the best in all the musicians I photograph. I also offer great student rates if you’re still at music college and about to branch out into the professional world.

Lady leaning on graffiti covered wall at London's skateboard at the Southbank Lady sitting down in the skateboard park in London's Southbank Lady standing by painted wall at London's Southbank Lady walking with her viola case past some trees on London's Southbank. Lady standing by grey painted wall at London's Southbank. Lady sitting on a red bench with her viola case at London's Southbank. Lady playing her viola at London's Southbank. Lady playing her viola at London's Southbank. Lady leaning on a blue wall at London's Southbank. Lady standing in front of the National Theatre sign at London Southbank. Lady and her viola leaning against a colourful painted wall at London's Southbank. Lady sitting on a graffiti seat with her viola at the skateboard park at London's Southbank.

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