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As a London Musicians photographer I am lucky enough to photograph some of the most amazing musical talents in London. Andriy was no exception! He’s the principal viola player at the Royal Opera House and also plays numerous solo concerts every year. He wanted some photographs taken to use for his publicity and Covent Garden, the home of the Royal Opera House, seemed like the perfect location. We met up early one morning to take some informal portraits in the streets surrounding the market. The area works perfectly for this type of shoot as you can find wonderful contrasting backgrounds from tiny cobbled backstreets to the huge frame of the piazza.

Musicians publicity photos around Seven Dials

Not only is Andriy the most fantastic viola player but he’s also great fun. We had such an enjoyable time wandering through the streets finding different locations to use. Areas from the cobbled streets of Floral Street to the fantastic colours of Neals Yard. One of my favourite shots is the one of Andriy sitting on the steps of the bright yellow Grosvenor Print shop. This shop is situated on Shelton Street, near the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden. It’s such a fantastic street, full of different coloured buildings. I know the area well and I just had to use this particular shop in one of the images. I’m so pleased with how the photo turned out – with Andriy sitting on the steps with his viola case pondering on life.

The Royal Opera House – what an incredible setting!

We then made our way back to the Royal Opera House and were lucky enough to be able to take some shots inside the wonderful building. It felt so natural taking some more formal musician portraits in this historic building. And Andriy entertained me and a few passing visitors as he played his way around the place with great skill!

Here are some of my favourite images from our morning…

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