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Back in October 2016 I had a stand at the London Baby Show Olympia. It was the first time I had exhibited my family photography business there and I had such an amazing time. It was an incredibly busy event. The families there were looking for all sorts of products for their new or about to be born babies.

Natural newborn photography in the comfort of your own home

I talked to so many lovely parents, who were keen to hear about my baby photography services. I like to keep my baby and newborn photography as natural as the rest of my photography. The sessions take place in the comfort of your family home, using natural light as much as possible. My aim is for the whole experience to be relaxed and comfortable, especially if the baby is newborn. I remember when mine were born I don’t think I got out of my pyjamas for the first week!

I love to photograph babies at any age. In the first couple of weeks you can capture those brand new sleepy images of the baby.  Or later on when the baby is more awake with their eyes open works really well too. At this age you can capture more interaction between the baby and parents or siblings.

One of the families that booked my photography services at the London Baby Show were a wonderful family from Buckinghamshire. The parents already had a little girl and were due to have their second baby fairly soon. They decided they’d like to wait until the baby boy was old enough to be sitting up for the family shoot. They were also keen to do lots of the photos outside so we opted for a summer session in August.

The session took place on an extremely hot day, so we headed straight to the nearby park. We started by capturing some informal family portraits in the welcome shade of some trees! We then returned to the relative cool of the house. The first thing the family did was cool down by pouring water over their heads! The photographs of this happening were some of my favourites of the day.

I love to include the family home in the photos too

The family had only recently moved in to their beautifully renovated house. Because of that I tried to get images in most of the rooms. In years to come they’ll be able to look back and be reminded of that first hot summer in their house together.

If you’re interested in a baby photography session, please do in get in touch. Whatever the age of the baby we’ll find a suitable style of session that will fit your needs perfectly.

Girl with the hand on her head, drawing on a chalk board, with her Dad watching her. Mum and Dad putting sunglasses on their son and daughter in the park. Sister and baby brother sitting on a rug on the grass. Baby boy with his eyes closed, playing with his mum's face. Dad holding his baby boy in the air, with a duck pond behind them. Baby boy on a bench, his parents walking towards him. Portrait of a little baby boy on a bench. Dad's hands holding on to his daughter's hands, she's holding a yellow emoji ball. Girls with her hands in the air. Girl sitting on a bench with her hands covering her mouth. Mum cuddling her baby boy. Family of four cuddling on a bench. Little girl feeding ice-cream to a her baby brother. Baby boy looking down. Baby boy enjoying himself on a swing. Girl smiling on a swing. Family of four sitting on the sofa - the dad lifting his son into the air, the mum and daughter reading. Family of four sitting on the sofa, the dad feeding water to his baby boy. Family of four, the little girl pouring water over her dad's head. Girl smiling and holding a water bottle. Girl putting her face against a fan. Baby chewing a teething toy in his cot. Baby boy looking at mobile in cot. Little girl climbing out of cot.

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