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I love being a Holland Park family photographer! And this London family photography session was a good one!  Last year I photographed this lovely family at Chiswick House. The session was a surprise birthday present for the mum, and luckily it was a good surprise! She really enjoyed her London family photography session and loved the resulting photos of her family. I was overjoyed!

This year she got back in touch to book another London family photoshoot. This time it was to celebrate her wedding anniversary. And I was really happy when she chose Holland Park as the location for these family portraits. It’s one of my favourite London parks – quite small but perfectly formed! It has a wonderful mixture of beautiful trees, colourful flower beds and stunning architecture. It really has everything necessary for a wonderful family photography session.

Holland Park family photographer with dogs!

The family have three fun children, and I was so looking forward to photographing them again. Even more so when I discovered that their two family dogs were joining us. One of them was still a puppy and was unbelievably cute!

Our family portrait session went brilliantly and we all had a great time. And we got a great variety of beautiful relaxed portraits and more candid shots of the children and dogs playing together.

Recreating some Holland Park engagement portraits

We finished our family photoshoot with an idea from the parents. When they were engaged, they had some photos taken in a picturesque mews street, close to Holland Park. They absolutely loved these photos and wanted to recreate them including their children. If you look at the last four photos in the blog below, you’ll see a sequence of photos of the expanding family. It was such a wonderful idea and I just love the resulting series of family portraits.

If you’d like to have some family portraits in Holland Park, please do get in touch. You can see more of my London family portraits here London Family Photographer

Mum, dad, three children and two dogs sitting on a bench with roses behind them. Three children and two dogs having fun sitting on a bench. Three children and two dogs having fun on a bench. Five people and two dogs surrounded by brick arches. Family of five and two dogs walking on a path with arches either side of them. Three children looking at a pond, the girl jumping in the air. Man, lady, two boys, a girl and two dogs standing in front of pond. Three children having fun with flowers either side of them. family of five sitting on a bench with flowers in front of them. Five people sitting on a bench with colourful flowers in front of them Family of five sitting on a bench with their two dogs man and lady laughing in a beautiful flower garden, with dog running towards them. Mum, dad, two boys, a girl and two dogs all cuddling Family of five and two dogs with trees behind them family of five standing amongst beautiful flowers | boy standing in lovely flowers boy and girl smiling amongst beautiful flowers Dad, dog and three children running across the grass two dogs playing together girl and boy chasing bubbles Girl running across grass couple under arch | family of three under arch family of four under arch | family of five under an arch

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