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As well as doing lots of family photoshoots outside in parks, I also offer family photography at home. I’ll come to you, anywhere in London, and we can do the session in your home and garden. Some families prefer this and find it more relaxing, especially if they have young children. They don’t have to worry about getting anywhere at a particular time, so that element of stress is removed. And it’s wonderful to have your home as the backdrop to the family portraits. It’ll be so special in years to come for your children to look at the photos and see where they grew up. And in the case of the family in the images below it was especially meaningful, as they were due to move home shortly after their London family photography session.

Family photography at home with three lively children!

I arrived at the family home early one morning and was delighted to meet the parents and three very excited children. One girl with two younger twin brothers – this was going to be fun! We began with some relaxed portraits of the whole family together sitting on a blanket.

After getting a lovely selection of photos the family moved to some steps going up to the house. This worked perfectly and we were able to get some more beautiful family photographs. It was also a great spot to photograph these three delightful siblings together. And the place where I captured one of my favourite photos from our morning together. The one where they are cuddling so tightly you can’t see their faces. That doesn’t matter to me though and actually adds to the image, as the feeling is so wonderful. I enjoyed spending time with this family so much, and was delighted to hear how happy they were with the photos.

If you’re interested in having some family photography at home, please do get in touch. More details on how my sessions work can be found here London Family Photographer
Three siblings cuddling on a step. Mum and dad with daughter on a blanket, two sons standing behind. Three children having fun on a step. Three children smiling through open curtains.
Lady squishing girl's face. Little boy with face squished against window behind his parents. One boy eating something while two children watch him. Girl smiling with tennis racket family of five having fun on steps

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