Sibling Portraits in Bishops Park Fulham

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I loved this photography session in Bishops Park, Fulham so much! The brief was to create some beautiful sibling portraits of three lovely sisters.

These three girls are such good fun and obviously have a really close bond. As soon as we met up for the portrait session I just knew we were going to have a great morning!

Sibling Portraits on the little bridge

Bishops Park is fairly local to me. It’s a place I love and it has so many fantastic spots for family photographs. We started with some shots of the three sisters together on a lovely little bridge crossing the small lake. The girls made my job incredibly easy and just smiled so naturally without any direction from me at all.

It was then time for some running races, which did end up slightly competitive! Luckily the sisters were all still talking at the end! We then made use of the beautiful stone arched walls that run around the edge of the park for some framed portraits of the girls.

Including individual portraits in the photography session too

I also made time to take some individual shots of each girl. I do this on all family photography sessions, as I know the parents love to have some photos of them on their own as well as all together. Whatever the size of family I’m photographing I always make sure I get a wide variety of images – of the whole group together, smaller groups and individual shots – nothing is missed out!

The three sisters were so amazing to photograph – so smiley and happy and I was overjoyed too when I heard how pleased the parents were with the photos.

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