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This beautiful baby girl was just a week old when I photographed her at home. It’s so special being a London newborn baby photographer and being invited to photograph a baby in the first couple of weeks. It’s such a sweet time to get some baby portraits as they are still so sleepy and snuggly. I think this little one made the most of the peace and quiet in the house. She certainly caught up on some sleep while her three older brothers were at school!

A lovely peaceful baby photography session!

We deliberately arranged the photo session to be on a weekday morning when the baby’s three older brothers would be out. Apparently they are so in love with her that she doesn’t get much peace when they’re around! As lovely as it would be to have some photos of this little newborn with her elder siblings this particular photography session was all about her.

At this age babies can sleep through the whole session. This is extremely cute and works well for getting the curled up sleepy shots. But I was overjoyed when she did wake up for a bit and we managed to get some close-ups of her looking straight at the camera. I also took plenty of detail shots of the hands and feet. This is important as they only stay tiny for such a short amount of time.

If you would like to book a newborn photography session please do get in touch. I’d love to create some beautiful portraits of your baby that you will enjoy forever.



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