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I photograph so many different events in my working life, some more serious than others. But I’m always so happy when asked to capture some family party photos. Parties are always such good fun to photograph, whether they are for a child or grown up. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. It’s the perfect time to capture some spontaneous and festive shots. My aim is to try and photograph guests who are unaware the camera is even there. The unwanted intrusion is sometimes off-putting for some, so I like to blend into the background.

Relaxed Family Portraits

Family photography is partly about being in the right place but is also about letting the action happen in front of you. Some of the most engaging family portrait shots are the result of finding the right time to grab the interaction between people as they enjoy each other’s company.

This get-together in June was following a church service for a first communion. There was a really nice blend of traditional and contemporary atmosphere throughout the day. One feature at this event that really summed this up perfectly was the arrival of a mobile pizza van. Hand-made pizzas were made to order for the guests, cooked in a wood-burning oven.

A Pizza Van – perfect for a summer party!

The look of delight on the youngsters’ faces as they placed their orders and then waited for their requests to be delivered across the counter was wonderful to watch. And I was lucky enough to have one of the pizzas myself and it was absolutely delicious! Another highlight of the day (not that I’m obsessed by food!) was the yummy cake made by daughter in the family. It was so beautifully decorated and I loved the look on her face when she brought it into the garden and presented it to all her family and friends.

Here are some of my favourite family portrait shots from the day.


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