Autumn family portrait with a picnic

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I hope you like this Autumn family portrait with a difference! Definitely not your traditional family photograph with everyone smiling at the camera, but one that tells a story. I captured the image on a wonderful London family photography session a couple of months ago.

When the parents booked their family photoshoot, they were keen to incorporate a couple of elements into the images. The first was the amazing colours of the Autumn leaves. This wasn’t going to be too hard, as their photo session was at the end of October, when the Autumn colours are usually at their best. And indeed, their local park, where they had chosen to do the session, was looking pretty spectacular on the day we met.

Autumn family portrait with coffee and croissants!

The second element they wanted to include in the photos was their usual family weekend routine. Every Saturday morning they walk from home to their favourite coffee shop and pick up coffees and croissants. They then make their way to the local park where they have a picnic and playtime with their two cute children. Their gorgeous baby girl might not be old enough yet to share the food, but it won’t be long until she’s munching on delicious chocolate croissants as enthusiastically as her older brother!

It’s such a simple but perfect outing for the family every week. And one that they’ll all look back on fondly as the children grow up. I was keen to capture the picnic and Autumn colours in a single image. So I stepped back behind some leaves and photographed the family enjoying their snack as they sat on a bench. I was so happy with the resulting photo and the memories it will provide this lovely family in years to come.

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Autumn family portrait


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