Oxford Wedding Photographer – Charlotte and James – Exeter College, Oxford

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Exeter College in Oxford was the location for this wonderful September wedding. Charlotte and James were married in the beautiful College Chapel surrounded by friends and family on a cloudless day towards the end of summer. The College buildings were a perfect backdrop to capture the events of their wedding day. I don’t often get the chance to be an Oxford Wedding Photographer as the majority of my work is in London, but I was thrilled to take photographs at this wedding in such a beautiful Oxford College.

Charlotte and James met at Exeter College in Oxford, where they both studied, so it was the perfect venue for this lovely couple. Most of my work photographing weddings, families and musicians is in London but I’m occasionally tempted to travel a bit further afield and when I do Oxford is the perfect place for me as it’s where my in-laws live, so it’s a great to excuse to bring the whole family and combine photography with a bit of quality family time.

The wedding was perfect from start to finish, there were so many lovely details to the day. One of my favourite images is of the little flower girl wondering whether she dare step on the perfectly manicure lawn or not! I also really like the last image in the blog post where Charlotte throws the bouquet and I managed to catch the catch just at the right moment!



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